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Experience seamless communication with Synda Tech, a trusted provider of VoIP hosting, support, and reselling solutions for small and mid-size businesses. Our expert team delivers secure infrastructure, premium services, and personalized support, empowering your success in the digital era. Upgrade your communication today and unlock the full potential of VoIP with Synda Tech.

Why Choose Us? Benefits

We have a team of experts who not only have experience working with VoIP systems but are also cloud experts. This means we know what you need and have considered them in our packages. You can check out some customer testimonials here. Mention security certifications and data privacy commitment


Effortless Setup

Pre-installed systems, ready in minutes, no technical expertise required.

Scalability and Flexibility

Easily adjust resources as your business grows.


Predictable monthly pricing, eliminates upfront hardware costs

Reliable Infrastructure.

Secure and reliable cloud servers by AWS, GCP, MS Azure, Digital Ocean, and more

Choice of Platforms

Select your preferred PBX system: FusionPBX, 3CX, FreePBX, VitalPBX, or Vicidial.

Get help with your 3CX implementation and integration! Call Us for a FREE Consultation

This can be hosted by SyndaTech, in your private cloud, or on-premise. No Obligations. (Unlimited Users, live chat, mobile conferencing, Facebook Integration, and more)


Since partnering with Synda Tech, our clients communication systems have been running smoothly and efficiently. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive, and they’ve helped us achieve significant cost savings.