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We are leading experts in VoIP and IT support

Welcome to Synda Tech, your trusted partner for VoIP system hosting, IT support, and reselling. With a focus on empowering businesses, we provide reliable and scalable communication solutions tailored to your needs. Our robust hosting infrastructure ensures optimal performance and data security. As experts in the field, we offer comprehensive support to optimize your communication infrastructure. Partnering with leading VoIP service providers, we offer a diverse range of premium solutions at competitive prices. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means personalized support at every step of your VoIP journey. Experience seamless communication and enhanced collaboration with Synda Tech. Join us today and unlock the full potential of VoIP technology.p>

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Bertrand Ndakena

CEO and Founder

Nchofon Tagha

Head Engineer

Mbaapoh E. Zonepoh

Fead Engineer and AWS Solution Architect

Shekinah Fenui

Head Engineer